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Ver.1.22 updated at 2019/8/23

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Hi, everyone.
Do you like turn based Strategy RPG?

I'm also like the genre just like you.
Therefore, on this occasion, let me introduce a collection of plugins called
SRPG_Engine MV. As the name implies, these plugins will change the RPG Maker
MV engine that you have as an editor for Turn Based Strategy genre games
like Fire Emblems.


  • Provides feature complete for basic SRPG engine. This plugins will provide building block to create your own Tactical Battle System. You need only 1 plugin to convert your RPG Maker MV into Tactics System editor;
  • High compatibility with many plugins. There are almost no RPG maker MV Core scripts that we touch, so you can still use RPG Maker MV and your favorite plugins as usual;
  • Easy to customize. Every character, weapon, skill, or class can be customized using notetag;
  • Can be extended with extension. This plugin is designed so that anyone who has knowledge of Javascript can easily add features that are not yet available;
  • Royalty free for commercial purposes. With the MIT license, anyone can use this plugin without worrying about legal issues. As long as you comply with the provisions of the MIT license, this plugin can be used for any purpose

Planned features in the future (by me):

Stevia Studio
  • On Map Battle. Do battle on the map without entering MV battle scene.
  • Mouse System. Improve mouse system navigation.

Since the era of RPG Maker XP, I have never seen a SRPG system that is truly complete. There are at least two possibilities:

1) Kadokawa had already made a new version of RPG Maker before the SRPG System was completed, or

2) the creator of the SRPG System was busy or had other interests that caused his project to be abandoned.

Then I decided to offer myself to the original author by help pushing the system forward. If you are a Javascript programmer and you also want to see this system grow, you can contribute by creating extension for this system.

  • Author: Gakuto Mikagami
  • Translation: Me (Ryan Bram) and collaboration with the original Author
  • License: MIT
  • Non-commercial use: free
  • Commercial use: free
  • Redistribution: OK
  • Editing: OK
  • Redistribution after editing: OK
  • Series: RPG Maker MV


  • Fix auto battle bug in looping map
  • Add chess-like attack pattern, see:
  • Allow another turn after move, see:
  • Reduce battle scene transition time when quick launch is on.
  • Improved calculation of actor-enemy display position on the battle screen.
  • Create a script command to examine the sub-phase.
  • Improved to create "auto" commands using the state of auto battle.
  • When using HP recovery skills, it is improved to aim at the unit with the least HP among the available opponents.
  • Target: Fixed a bug that may not use the user's skills.
  • Added a mode to target the event/actor of the ID specified in the function of the event note.
  • Improved to be able to fight with loop map (beta function)
  • Fixed an issue that would not be skipped even if srpgStandUnitSkip was turned on when the mode 'stand' enemy waited.
  • Fixed to skip if all pages of SRPG events are disabled.
  • Change the key when canceling the destination and attack destination in the gamepad from Y to B.
  • Improved to switch the actors selected by the QW (LR key) of the keyboard when selecting the unit to act.
  • Added the ability to hide the attack prediction window in the plug-in parameters.
  • If there is no target to attack within the range, add a mechanism to search and aim at nearby enemies (disabled in 0).
  • Add auto combat to the menu screen (to end the turn by granting the specified state ID, disabled at 0).
  • Fixed an issue where the effect did not display well when quick launch was turned off.
  • Improved to change the display of damage prediction window to three stages.
  • Improved to be able to change the direction or from the plug-in parameters when attacked<searchItem:true>.

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